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BST Racing

Welcome to the adrenaline-fueled world of BST Promotions and BST Racing — where Blood, Sweat, and Tears forge the path to glory on the dirt track. We're the heartbeat of dirt track racing in Colorado and Nebraska, showcasing the power and passion of the sport at El Paso County Raceway, Phillips County Raceway, and the thrilling new addition, Lincoln County Raceway.


Experience the roar of engines and the electric atmosphere, where fans and families come together, elevating the competitive spirit to new heights. At our races, the action on the track is a masterpiece in motion, with every engine rev and tire skid capturing the sheer exhilaration of dirt track racing. It’s a place where enduring friendships are forged in the heat of the race, where the thrill of the chase unites everyone in a shared pulse of adrenaline. Join us where the love for speed meets the spirit of community—it’s a spectacle you won't want to miss!


Embark on an experience where the action is relentless, and the atmosphere is electric. BST stands as a beacon for those who chase the rush of the race and for families seeking a day packed with excitement. From the smell of burnt rubber to the cheer of the crowds, we're more than just racing — we're a community united by the thrill of the sport.


Ready for the rumble? Join us, where the legacy of racing comes alive, and every moment is an invitation to be part of something spectacular. BST Racing isn’t just about the race; it's about the pulse-pounding journey. Let's race into the action — together!

Introducing the BST Racing Raffle: Your Ticket to More Excitement!

Get ready to elevate your racing experience with us! BST Racing is thrilled to launch an exclusive raffle, making every event from here on out even more electrifying.

Why settle for just spectating when you can win?

By purchasing your event tickets online, you not only secure your spot with ease but also enjoy the perk of getting on the track faster, bypassing the wait at the gate. Additionally, this instant access comes with the chance to enter our special raffle, where you could win amazing prizes such as VIP upgrades, exclusive merchandise, and more. The excitement is high, and the rewards are enticing.

Key Points to Remember:

     Digital Advantage: The raffle is exclusive to digital ticket purchases. Physical ticket buys at the gate won't qualify for the raffle, so embrace the convenience of online!

     Loyal Fans Rejoice: If you've previously purchased tickets through our website, good news—you're automatically entered into our exclusive BST Racing Raffle! Whether it was through our initial online system or our new digital ticketing platform, your early support hasn't gone unnoticed. All online purchases made before our shift to digital tickets are eligible for the raffle. It’s our heartfelt way of saying a huge thank you for riding this exciting journey with us.

This ongoing raffle is our way of adding an extra layer of excitement to every race and showing appreciation for your digital engagement. So why wait? Secure your digital tickets now and be in to win!


Purchase Your Digital Ticket & Enter the Raffle:

Be part of enhancing your race day with the BST Racing Raffle. It's more than just a race; it's a chance to win big every time!

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